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Wonder of Waxy's

Located on Rupert Street at the edge of Soho, it’s a labyrinth of four unique bars over six levels, each with its own atmosphere and personality, as well as the famous Waxy’s tree found at the heart of the pub. There’s something for everyone at Waxy’s!

Named after the famous candle maker from Dublin, Finbar O’Connor was born in the year 1788. At 16 years old he followed his father into candle making and soon after became known as ‘Waxy’. He was a big man with a great appetite and capacity for hard liquor. It seems he was not alone amongst men of his craft; their fondness for and ability to consume copious amounts of beer and whiskey are legendary.

The excuse for such excess was that candlemakers had to work in such extreme heat that it sapped a man of both energy and bodily liquids.
Waxy O’Connor was heard to comment, “Such heat doth parch a man and a parched man is a barren man – Beer is the only cure – us lads could put away gallons in a day”. Water it seems was an unknown elixir!

The ‘Waxy O’Connor’s tree’ was planted 250 years ago in Midlands Ireland and died naturally in 1994. A local woodworker, who played around the Beech tree as a boy, hewed the pieces that were then shipped to England and ‘planted’ in Waxy O’Connor’s in August 1995.
So, now a tree, which has lived for a quarter of a millennium in Ireland, begins a new lease of ‘life’ in the heart of the city.

For over 25 years Waxy’s has gained worldwide recognition for its warm hospitality, friendly staff, traditional homemade dishes and an extensive range of beers, spirits and Irish whiskies.

With live music five nights a week and eight big screens for major sporting events, you couldn’t ask for a livelier atmosphere and there is no better place to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in London.

Book for drinks, dinner or just walk in. You can even hire your very own private bar, so get in touch and experience the wonder of Waxy’s!